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Conquest Coffee Co. is an Australian veteran-owned coffee company, operating with a mission to support Mental Health Awareness through numerous unique blends.

As Military veterans, Jay and Anthony believe in giving back to those who have made (and continue to make) sacrifices to keep our loved ones, communities and our nation safe. So when you enjoy your Conquest Coffee, know that you are keeping the conversation around Mental Health Awareness alive AND that you have helped us donate our delicious coffee to organisations supporting veterans and military members.

Conquest Coffee is an honest, speciality roast sourced directly from coffee plantations through a sustainable cycle. We take pride as a coffee company that not only supports Mental Health Awareness but is also actively creating a community fostering resilience, determination and fellowship. Passionate about everything coffee, we encourage other coffee lovers to unite through stories of the past, blends of the present and ambitions for a re-energised future.

We all know it, coffee not only gives you that instant burst of much-needed energy, it also brings people together. Enjoying a coffee with someone is an easy way to press pause on life, spend time with mate and listen and talk about how you are really feeling. This is so important, especially when times get tough! So, start the conversation with Conquest Coffee and conquer mental health with your mates.

Conquest Coffee Co is ground with Loyalty, Trust, Mateship and Honesty, values respected by every Australian.



Anthony hails from one of the most beautiful parts of the world – Hobart , Tasmania. When he joined the Australian military, he served as a Cargo Specialist and then moved into infantry. He served all through the Middle East and the Philippines before returning home to work in Australian Border Protection. It was during his service that his love of coffee developed. It was also during his service; he became acutely aware of the mental health crisis facing our military veterans.

Through his love of coffee and determination to help others with the stigma of suicide and mental health, Anthony is excited about what Conquest Coffee Co. can achieve and looks forward to bringing people together, getting the conversation started and making some serious, much needed change.


Jay was born and raised on the far north coast of Byron Bay. Upon finishing High School, he spent a year in New Zealand before moving back to Australia and settling in Sydney.

In 2009 he joined the Army where he served four years in 3RAR where he spent most of his time training around Australia and on international engagements. Leaving the Army full-time, he shifted to the Army reserves where he was sent on operations to provide security detail on the borders of Australia.

True to his passion for helping others, in 2017, Jay worked as a Youth Advisor to help support young teenagers as they navigate through the changes and challenges in their daily lives. In early 2020, Jay was deployed to assist with the bushfires across NSW and shortly after he then engaged as a task force responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


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