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True to our mission, Conquest Coffee Co. adds resilience, fortitude, and tenacity to your daily brew. We are passionate about giving back to the military and veteran community who have made and continue to make scarifies to keep us all safe. Every bag of coffee you buy helps us donate our unique coffee blends to organisations supporting veterans and military members.

But it doesn’t stop there! We’re so passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental illness, which affects so many men and women in the military and beyond. We’re encouraging conversations around Mental Health Awareness for all Australians and what better way to do it than over a quality cup of coffee? Enjoy a drink with a mate and conquer mental health too.

Conquest Coffee Co. will partner with organisations dedicated to supporting and promoting Mental Health Awareness, breaking down the stigma and encouraging all Australians to speak up and seek help when they need it. If you or your organisation or business is interested in Conquest Coffee, get in touch. Join us in boosting morale and conquering mental health, one bold coffee at a time!

Jay and Anthony, founders of Conquest Coffee Co. both served in the Australian Military. They experienced first-hand how members of the military and emergency services are pushed to their absolute physical and mental limits. As a consequence, many have and many more will, struggle with mental illness. It is only recently that mental health and wellbeing has become something people have spoken about, and with less of a stigma attached to it. We here to make sure we continue this conversation and support those battling with mental illness. And we believe it can start with a simple chat with a mate over a quality brew.



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