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Coffee is an easy way to make and take time out with a mate and talk about life’s ups and downs. It’s also a great way to build friendships and expand your support network. For some, coffee may be a source of energy, for others coffee is great therapy, especially when shared with a mate.

A coffee with a mate, is a great way to start a conversation about mental health. As much as people are concerned about their physical state, we need to be checking in with our own and our friends’ mental health. Be the mate who cares. Be the mate who asks the hard questions. Be the mate who listens and the one who’s got your back.

About Our Coffee

Conquest Coffee is sustainably sourced, delivered to us directly from farmers around the world. It’s roasted to perfection in Sydney, packaged beautifully and delivered to you. Our blend brings together beans from only the best coffee plantations around the world for you to enjoy, guilt-free – we’re passionate about encouraging Australians to speak up about Mental Health Awareness over a cuppa of our delicious brew. With clear tones of cocoa and caramel, bold earthy flavours and notes of brightness to keep it lively, Conquest Coffee might just become your new favourite blend.

In case you’re still not convinced, for every bag of coffee you buy, we’ll donate coffee to organisations that support veterans and military members. Now, that’s something pretty great from a cup of coffee – spreading the word about Mental Health Awareness, giving back to communities who have sacrificed to keep our nation safe and it tastes amazing?! It can’t get better than this.

The Conquest Coffee Beans

Lots of late nights and hard work have gone into sourcing our beans from sustainable coffee plantations. We have hand-picked our favourite beans from the world’s best coffee regions to develop our unique blend. We know our sources, with premium, quality beans coming from Santos in Brazil, Djimmah in Ethiophia and from India’s best coffee farming regions. Each bean brings its own delicious flavour to our blend, contributing intensity, hints of spice and cocoa and soft fruity tones.


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